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Calendar of Events

Unity Center of Columbia

1600 West Broadway

Columbia, MO  65203




Sunday Mornings at Unity Center

9 AM Contemplation Service

10 AM Devotional Class

11 AM Celebration Service

**Child care at 9 AM service,Youth Ministry at 11 AM service.

The Unity Center staff is available by appointment for:

Spiritual Counseling - Provided on a love-offering basis.  Give what you are able.  The important thing is to talk out or ask questions about your spiritual journey.


Planning special celebrations - Weddings, holy unions, memorial services, house blessings, anniversary recommitment services.

Ongoing Activities:



DH Parsons, 2-3 PM & 4-5 PM, Solar Wing


Carolyn Matthews, 5:30-6:30 PM, Friendship Hall


DH Parsons, 2-3 PM, Solar Wing


Carolyn Matthews, 5:30-6:30 PM, Friendship Hall


DH Parsons, 8:30-9:30 AM, Solar Wing


A Course in Miracles - A Topical Approach

Wednesdays, Chris Teeter

7:00 PM, Solar Wing - Orange Room


Imagine If ...

Third Wednesday of each month:

7 PM, Solar Wing - Green Room

Support for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, their friends and families.


Transmission Meditation
Sundays - 7 PM, Unity Center Prayer Chapel

12-Step Groups:

Unity Center supports personal responsibility, rigorous self-honesty and recovery from addictions as vital to one's spiritual journey.



Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Spiritual Strength and hope for recovery from alcohol abuse.


"As Bill Sees It" - 7 PM, 

Solar Wing - Green Room

*Open AA Meeting*



"Gratitude Group" - 11 AM, Friendship Hall

*Closed AA Meeting*



"Big Book" - 8 PM, Friendship Hall

*Closed AA Meeting*


Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

Open to all those seeking recovery from chemical addiction.

Wednesdays: 8 PM, Friendship Hall

Fridays: 10 PM, Friendship Hall

Saturdays:  9 PM, Friendship Hall



Overcoming Eating Programs:


Greysheeters Anonymous

Mondays:  6:30pm, Solar Wing - Blue Room


Overeaters Anonymous (OA)

Tuesdays:  5:30pm, Solar Wing - Blue Room

Sundays:  4:30pm, Solar Wing - Blue Room



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