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Our Beliefs

Unity Center of Columbia

1600 West Broadway

Columbia, MO  65203


What Unity Believes About ...

GOD - The Spirit of God is the energetic creator of the Universe.  It supports you in being deeply satisfied, prosperous, and healthy.

YOU - God's Spirit is the life you are.  God's voice, heard within you, calls you to value yourself just the way you are AND to transform anything that is not working in your life.  You are a co-creator with God.  Your thoughts and attitudes create the experience of life that you have.

PRAYER - Prayer is the foundation of a prosperous and fulfilling life.  Prayer is affirming God's presence and listening for God's voice.

CHURCH - The purpose of this center is to awaken your awareness of God's Spirit within you and to help you find your unique purpose in life.  This center exists to offer the principles and tools that can transform your life.

WORSHIP - Our Sunday services and other center activities encourage the celebration of the God-life within each individual.  As we gather together we inspire each other through joy and gratitude, instead of burdening people with shame or guilt.

JESUS - The life of Jesus and the principles he taught lead us today to the transformed life.  Jesus pointed the way to the Christ Nature in everyone.  He said, "you are the light of the world," and "The things I have done you shall do and greater things than this shall you do."

The BIBLE - The Bible is the human story of spiritual discovery.  It was written by many people over 1000's of years, reflecting cultures and times different from our own.  Certain beliefs, customs, and practices portrayed in the Bible may not be relevant to our lives today.  Yet the Bible contains great universal truth about the nature of life and how the Spirit of God works in our lives.  Its wisdom shines through its humanity, and guides us in our spiritual development today.

MONEY - If God is everywhere present, then so is God's abundance.  Any lack you are experiencing in your life can be changed through the acknowledgement of the divine flow.  Learning to both give and receive with a generous spirit, keeps God's good circulating in your life.

TITHING - Unity teaches the power of tithing.  Tithing means giving 10 percent of your income to God's work.  It is a tool that helps people on a spiritual path to circulate their abundance consistently and without any fear of lack.

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