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Board & Staff

Unity Center of Columbia

1600 West Broadway

Columbia, MO  65203


This ministry is governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees, including the minister.  The board oversees the financial health of our ministry, and makes its decisions in accordance with our By-laws and the spiritual principles Unity teaches.

Unity Center

Board Members:


Matt Bennett -  President


Gregory Kirchhofer - Vice-President


Stephanie Brooks - Treasurer


Jackie Noel - Secretary


Bette Fletcher - Member


Kathleen Weinschenk - Member

Robin Martin - Alternate




Gary Smith - Fine Arts Director/Office Administrator

Christine Cloutier-Weddle - Youth Ministry Director


Your Participation in this Ministry

You are invited to become involved at Unity Center in whatever way, and at whatever pace, that seems right for you.  You may be asked to volunteer.  If you say 'yes', we know that you will find serving this ministry to be a wonderful opportunity to stretch and grow spiritually.  If you are not ready, we will respect your 'no'.  Programs and activities in this ministry happen because people like you say 'yes' to leadership and service.



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